Compressed Air System Health Check Services

Do you know how efficient your Compressed Air System is? Have you seen any Compressed Air Expert recently? Is there any recurring problem you are facing with your air compressors? What are actual system requirements for your compressed air facility? 

Experts at Sakoon Pneumatics answer all these questions with Health Check Services. Preventive Maintenance being the precautionary measures of a system, but a Health Check supersedes it in terms of system optimization. A normal Health Check visit can save you millions by diganosing underlying defects, tracking down inappropriate usage and indicating wrong selection of equipment.

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Terms And Conditions

  1. Sakoon Pneumatics will schedule team visits as per customer preferred date and Sakoon team availability.
  2. Permission/entry letter (if any) would be shared by the customer in advance with the Sakoon team.
  3. Customer will assign an engineer to accompany Sakoon team throughout the visit.
  4. Sakoon team will be permitted to examine whole compressed air system (Compressor Room, Downstream Equipment, Compressed Air Piping Network)
  5. Any details of parts/equipment procurement would be shared by the customer for a better solution.
  6. Healthcheck form will NOT be handed over to the customer during visit, instead a comprehensive report consisting of diagnostics and recommendations will be shared later.