Sakoon Pneumatics Annual Training

Date: 16 April 2020

In its efforts to become the best service company, Sakoon Pneumatics held its Annual, 2-day Training Workshop at Karachi.

The main objective of this event was to train our engineers to modern technology and updates relevant to compressed air systems. Muhammad Hussain – National Service Manager lead the training along with Area Service Managers from all regions. Teams were trained for selection, installation, commissioning, maintenance and services of Compressors and Downstream Equipment. Technical aspects of oil lubricated compressors, oil free compressors, nitrogen generators, dryers and filters were discussed in detail.

Launching the training event,  Chairman, Imtiaz  Rastgar, welcomed all participants and shared his vision of Excellence in Service.   He shared broader concepts of compressed air services in Pakistan, and how Sakoon Pneumatics is creating win/win situations for our customers and our team members.

Sakoon Pneumatics continued its tradition of Annual Training of its team. This year training was held at Head Office, Korangi Industrial Estate, Karachi on 6-7 March 2020. Sakoon Teams from every region of Pakistan joined the training to learn and share their experiences. The Sessions were hosted at the premises of Rastgar Air Compressors, Korangi, Karachi.

Serving air compressors for more than 40 years, our experts shared their experiences and gave valuable inputs for dealing with critical situations. Tools operations and its standard SOPs were included in detail. Technical problem solving activity included teams of six from different regions.  Teams came up with outstanding responses and presented their solutions to all.

Evening of 1st day, Lal Qila hosted all our participants to buffet dinner. It provided with our well-diversified teams from different parts of Pakistan to network and share their stories.

Proud participants from all regions showed great zeal and zest in group photos, videos and selfies. Hands-on job training of portable compressors, refrigerant dryers and air-end refurbishment was delivered by respective engineers. Participants from all regions exhibited keen interest in sharing their problems and learning new methodologies.

With the concept of digitalising our practices and moving one step ahead of market, Chairman Imtiaz Ali Rastgar handed over Tablets amongst engineers. The event was concluded by Maqsood Zulfqar – CEO Sakoon Pneumatics who shared company policy for better performing engineers. He also briefed about future plan-of-actions, customer relationship building and approach to ensure customer’s SakoonPeace of Mind for Compressed Air Systems.

Sakoon-Annual training
Sakoon-Annual training
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