Sakoon Service Kits

We offer a complete range of Genuine Replacement Parts and Service Kits for leading OEM brands:

Sakoon Service Oil

Imported Quality Compressor Servicing Oil for all brands:

    • ISO viscosity Grades : 32, 46, 68
    • Exceptional anti-wear performance for long compressor life.
    • Minimal oil carryover for improved separator life.
    • Reduced deposits in discharge lines.
    • Enhanced water separating properties.

Easy to use single service kits for your screw compressors

  • Everything you need to service your compressor in one single comprehensive kit.
  • Extending the service life of your compressor.
  • Providing a cost effective solution for improving performance and air quality with reliability.

Sakoon is committed to keep its customers premium quality products in mint condition with our premium quality kits with replacement warranty.