Sakoon Pneumatics: Helping Hand for Pakistani Industry during Hard Times

COVID – 19 has done immense damage to the Pakistani industrial sector which was already in the crisis phase. Like other domains of society, industries were also not prepared for any pandemic or lockdown and eventually faced production, time and financial loss. With the re-opening of industrial sectors, the latest situation demands strategies and policies for companies to get back on their feet. The good news is, Compressed Air System Experts – Sakoon Pneumatics has started limited time free of cost services for health check of the compressed air system.

Industrial professionals should benefit from such offers during these times as it will get their compressed air systems examined by experts and they will get cost-effective solutions for the fourth utility – Compressed Air. Interested companies and professionals should schedule the Sakoon team’s health check visit on the following link: Sakoon team finalises the visit schedule as per customer’s proposed date and team’s availability.

Health Check Services include evaluation of compressor room standards, selection of right downstream equipment, improvement of piping system efficiency, and condensate management. Experts upskill industry on how to optimize their compressed air system for better productivity and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, comprehensive knowledge of modern-day technologies and compressed air best practices is also shared. Diagnosis report comprising of health check form and expert’s recommendations is shared with industrial professionals to revamp their facilities.

Helping industry during hard times, Sakoon Pneumatics are experts in Compressed Air for 40 years. Sakoon offers Services Contracts and Genuine Replacement Parts for compressors of all brands. It has one of the best Air-End Refurbishment facilities in Pakistan. Moreover, given unexpected situations and peak-season demands, Sakoon offers Rental Fleet of variety of products related to Compressed Air Systems.

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